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Whether you are an individual looking to develop your emotional intelligence and leadership skills, or an organisation looking to build a strong culture and leadership pipeline, you have come to the right place. Pillar Leaders delivers application-based coaching and training that is world-class and drives real, behaviour change.


High-level individual coaching from world-class leaders, designed to get keep top performers at their highest level and fast-risers to the best they can be, quickly.


Reach the levels of the highest performing global teams, known for resilience, agility and openness and spending the most time possible at peak performance.


Building team culture to thrive in happiness and aligned business results, in consultation with all levels of your organisation.

educational institutes

Application-based EQ/Employability training for students who want a vital competitive advantage in the modern workforce.

Who are we?

About Pillar Leaders

Pillar Leaders is APAC’s preferred leadership, emotional intelligence, and soft skills development firm. We make working with people easy. We provide executive coaching, group training, L&D (learning and development) planning and consulting so you can create hyper-productive teams, stronger client relationships, and positive team culture.

Working with [Pillar Leaders] has been the best career decision I have made. They helped me to improve my skills and navigate my work colleagues and bosses. I received a promotion and two pay rises this year alone! I love the lessons and materials to help me build great habits and improve a little bit, every day.

- Leon S

Being coached by [Pillar Leaders] was one of the best things that happened in my professional life. They will give you the tools that provide you with competitive advantage and set you apart from everyone else in the workforce. Any high performer needs a good coach and [Pillar Leaders] provide you with the best coaches you can get.

- Arash A

Thanks for the amazing training. I have used the communication techniques to pitch an idea with my business leader and it has been received very well.

- Pratik Shelar

The leadership skills that [Pillar Leaders] teaches are essential skills that enhance your life and the lives of others. [Pillar Leaders] teaches to lead with substance, humanity, empathy and kindness to enable teams to bring their best to work. It’s a powerful set of skills that I feel truly grateful to learn.

- Natalie S

Being trained by [Pillar Leaders] really helped me fix the problem I had at hand, and will definitely be useful in the future.

I learnt that as a leader you are not expected to have a flat skill line and with any broad field no one can really. Be aware of skill curves of your team to best utilize their expertise.

- Basarat Ali Syed