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What Are Your Resilience Strategies?

by | Apr 23, 2020

The resilience strategies that work best for us are unique to each individual. It’s the personalization of the plans that make them so effective. The problem is that when you’re first building your resilience strategies, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why for this episode your hosts share the moments that have tested their resilience most, and their go-to strategies that help them bounce back quickly.

Tune in for the full conversation or enjoy the moments below:

0:55 – What is resilience

1:29 – Resilience looks different for all of us

3:36 – Finding your own strategies isn’t about memorization, it’s mind-modeling

6:54 – Pili’s top resilience strategies

14:40 – The importance of micro-recoveries

16:00 – Amelia’s resilience strategies

19:20 – The art of time slicing

25:01 – Dr. Mike’s resilience strategies

33:24 – How psychological inertia can get you out of funks

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