Course overview

She Leads

Women’s Leadership course

Manage Gender Bias in the Workplace and Ensure Your Voice is Heard

All leaders will face challenges on their way to the top.

However, women will face a unique set of biases, challenges, and resistance that will impact the way their voice is heard, and their leadership is received, in a way that their male colleagues will not.

Contrary to what you may have heard, the solution to this isn’t to act like a man. As women we have our own strengths we bring to the table!

The secret is being able to recognise the challenges for what they are, and have a plan to effectively get around them.

This course is designed to give you just that.

In this application-based course you will have the tools and strategies to help you navigate gender bias in the workplace, and the communication skills to manage them successfully.

You will also receive real-time coaching on your communication habits and walk away with specific communication strategies that you can put to use immediately.

As a bonus, we will introduce you to a community of like-minded female professionals.

Master Your Mindset and Communication Habits

Gender biases are so ingrained in society that they can lead to mindset and behavioural traps that can limit how we show up.

Navigating Gender Bias

Discover the foundations and underpinnings of gender bias and how they affect you in 2020.
Learn the skills and tools required to successfully identify and navigate bias from clients or coworkers.

Responding to Peers, and Delivering Effective Feedback

Practice ‘In-the-moment’ strategies for how to react and respond to unequal treatment.
Learn and use a simple and effective communication framework to have productive feedback conversations around biases.