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REmote services


Online training for all levels of your organisation – executive, team leaders and line of business.

Online Coaching

World-class one-to-one coaching, helping you and your attitude be ready for tomorrow’s challenges, today.

Remote Team Training

With the increase in employees working from home, and issues around travel being more common, it can be challenging, or even impossible, to deliver in-person training for your teams.

 Our training can be delivered remotely to allow employees from different departments and countries to engage and receive training.

SheLeads – Women’s Leadership Course 

Manage Gender Bias in the Workplace and Ensure Your Voice is Heard.

All leaders will face challenges on their way to the top.

However, women will face a unique set of biases, challenges, and resistance that will impact the way their voice is heard, and their leadership is received, in a way that their male colleagues will not. 

Organisational Culture

Your team’s culture is the set of behaviours and actions accepted as the standard. Pillar helps you design, set and maintain that standard at the level you expect.

We use the Pillar Leaders’ 3 Tier Culture Model to ensure all levels of your organisation believe, buy in and feed into the culture that will help future-proof your business.