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Reframing Feedback: How to Make it Feel Better & Create Real Change

by | Aug 27, 2020

Ever known you’ve needed to have a feedback conversation, and then immediately tried to talk yourself out of it because of how uncomfortable you feared it would be? That reaction is pretty normal! At the same time, the only way people can know that they need to improve, or to continue doing that thing they do so well, is through feedback. The trick is getting good at having the conversation.

So in this episode we’ll talk about the most common mistakes people make when giving feedback, how to reframe your mindset around it, and the steps you can take to improve the quality of your feedback conversations.

Tune in for the full conversation or enjoy the moments below:

2:13 – Why people avoid feedback so much

5:43 – The top reasons to push through the discomfort and have the conversation

9:09 – Thinking of feedback as the little nudges we need to keep on track

13:16 – Giving feedback can be what allows you to move from frustrated, to having an input 

14:17 – Understanding what feedback is and isn’t (not covered immediately)

14:40 – The two areas where people falter most

16:59 – What a feedback conversation should be

22:18 – Start at your mindset

24:22 – The 3 stages of most human actions, and your role in those steps

26:45 – How to avoid getting into the “whose reality is most correct” wars

28:56 – 3 steps you can take immediately to improve your feedback conversation

35:23 – The mistakes we’ve made that you can learn from