whole company improvement

Organisational Culture


Building the right culture

Your team’s culture is the set of behaviours and actions accepted as the standard. Pillar helps you design, set and maintain that standard at the level you expect.

We use the Pillar Leaders’ 3 Tier Culture Model to ensure all levels of your organisation believe, buy in and feed into the culture that will help future-proof your business.

We believe that happy teams who know their purpose and understand the vision of their work are more productive and stay with their teams for longer. We help you create and keep those teams.


We work with executives to set the vision and direction of the business they are leading. Focussing on the “Why”.

Senior leaders

Crucial to answering the question of “How” is helping and supporting your Senior Leaders. Provided with the right vision and direction we work with them to plan a path.

team members

Working with your team members to give them the skills they need to succeed – resiliance, teamwork and emapathy