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Employers Demand Soft Skills

Soft skills are in demand. Employers value soft skills very highly, even when compared to technical skills. In a 2014 CareerBuilder Survey, 77% of 2,138 hiring managers and human resource professionals placed equal importance on soft skills and technical skills during recruitment. 

Nearly three in every four positions listed within Workible’s Australian network list various soft skills as eligibility requirements. This trend was so universal that soft skills, such as communication skills, ranked in the top three most demanded skills, regardless of industry.

As this pattern continues, the most successful graduates in the years to come will be those who not only develop their industry knowledge, but also a powerful set of soft skills and employability skills. 

77% of HR professionals

Over three quarters of 2,138 Hiring & HR professionals placed equal importance on soft skills and hard skills.

63% of jobs

Soft skill intensive jobs will make up 63% of Australian jobs by 2030.

68% of performance

Two-thirds of the difference in job performance is attributed to soft skills and emotional intelligence.