Our Team
Dr. Michael Larson

Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Michael Larson (PhD – Psychology and Human Behaviour) is as an award-winning psychology lecturer, human behaviour researcher and emotional intelligence specialist. Dr. Michael specialises in assisting executives, leaders and teams reach optimal performance and job satisfaction through improved social and emotional intelligence, high self-awareness, strong resilience, positive cultures and successful communication habits.

June Aye

International Business Development

June’s knowledge of social media and expertise in organic business growth have led her to growing businesses across four continents over the past few years. Always on the move, you’ll find June establishing a Pillar Leaders virtual office from wherever work is needed. June’s remit is global reach through technology and human connection.

Andrew Murphy

EQ for Technical Minds

Andrew Murphy has hired, trained and mentored internationally for many years, focusing on improving the soft skills and EQ of the software development industry. As a technical expert, he supports his fellow developers in improving their business awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills.

Pierre-Louis Christensen

Executive Leadership

Pierre-Louis Christensen has worked with leaders in Australia, China, USA and Europe as a Senior Manager, leadership mentor and trainer at Apple Inc. He has over a decade of experience coaching and mentoring all levels of leadership and has fast-tracked the careers of hundreds of people through the development of their emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership skills.