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How to Stop Your Brain from Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Resilience

by | Sep 24, 2020

The way we think about and filter information sets the foundation for how we experience the world around us. The problem is, most of that filtering happens without our conscious participation, and not all of it sets us up for success.

In this episode we talk about one of our brain’s most common biases: confirmation bias. We discuss why it matters for resilience, what to consider with this bias when trying to lead and influence others, and the steps you can take to mitigate the negative effects of this bias.

Tune in for the full conversation or enjoy the moments below:

1:19 – Why talking about resilience involves biases

3:21 – Understanding the term ‘cognitive bias’

5:41 – What confirmation bias is

8:00 – What makes this bias so sneaky and difficult to avoid

11:30 – How confirmation bias affects our resilience and can snowball our ‘negative’ feelings

15:06 – When this bias prevents us from finding common ground (and what to do about it)

16:27 – Apply “walk a mile in their shoes” to someone’s neurological pathways

17:42 – Why this makes influencing others difficult

19:00 – How this applies to our everyday actions

22:36 – The role of self-awareness in overcoming this bias

23:49 – Understanding the nuance of competing wants

25:34 – How to counteract the confronting nature of this bias

28:01 – Where confirmation bias is built into society

31:16 – The 3 steps you can start doing today to mitigate this bias