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How to Prepare for Your Next Interview (and Get the Job!)

by | Nov 19, 2020

Want to outshine your competition at your next job interview? If so, this episode is for you. 

Collectively our team has interviewed hundreds of people across our careers and we’ve compiled our best advice to help you thrive in your next interview.

In this episode we discuss the secret and not-so-secret goals of interviews, the preparation you can do to answer each question successfully, and our tips for managing nerves to show the interviewer your best self.

Tune in for the full conversation or enjoy the moments below:

3:00 – What people find most uncomfortable about interviewing

4:38 – The mindset shift to make around interviews

7:42 – Being nervous isn’t always a bad thing

10:46 – The secondary test of an interview

11:33 – Mike shares his tips for interviewing and managing nerves

12:01 – The acronym many interviewers use to frame their questions

16:04 – What the job description can teach you

18:27 – One of the skills interviewers are looking for

19:27 – How to speak to what you’re less good at

25:29 – Amelia’s biggest advice for interviews

30:22 – Know your “umbrella stories”

34:22 – Ways to manage nerves