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Why Resilience Isn’t on Your Development Plan, but Should Be

by | Jun 4, 2020

Most people who are passionate about growing their careers have a development plan. It usually includes skills like ‘influencing others,’ ‘strategic thinking,’ ‘change management’ just to name a few. Somehow, ‘resilience’ doesn’t usually make the list.

In this episode we discuss why resilience gets overlooked, and why it’s critical to the success of every leader.

Tune in for the full conversation or enjoy the moments below:

1:17 – Have you seen ‘resilience’ on someone’s development plan?

4:53 – How resilience impacts everything else

6:08 – Thinking of resilience like a shield

9:22 – Developing resilience during tough times

11:52 – When we don’t understand the skill we view it differently 

14:21 – How not seeing the “struggle” means we don’t see the skill

21:55 – Why resilience should be on your development plan

26:37 – How resilience can get you noticed

28:30 – The question that differentiates people who are resilient and people who aren’t

34:12 – “I put resilience on my development plan, now what?”