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How to Build Trust in Remote Teams

by | Apr 2, 2020

During this Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) era, people all over the world are being forced to work from home which is creating many newly remote teams. This means that more than ever, a team’s trust in each other will be one of the biggest determining factors of their success.

In this episode we discuss how to build trust and help ensure your team thrives through the transition to remote work.

Tune in for the full conversation, or enjoy the moments below:

0:45 – Why is trust so important for teams working from home?

4:25 – What is trust?

6:05 – What makes trust difficult when you switch into working remotely?

8:21 – Why trust gets harder in the face of change and uncertainty?

11:47 – What happens to our trust when things are under threat

15:51 – How our best intentions can steer us wrong

16:54 – What building trust looks like in remote teams

25:41 – Why setting expectations is so important

30:03 – The danger in slipping into old habits vs being intentional

36:10 – The importance of creating predictability

38:14 – “What if I just don’t believe that working from home can work?”