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Can You Control Your Emotions and Stay Authentic as a Leader?

by | Jun 2, 2020

In a world where being authentic is becoming more and more valued in leadership, it’s gotten easier for some to argue that being able to control emotions is perhaps less important than it once was. However it only takes seeing someone explode with rage once to understand that at least a bit of emotional control still matters.

In this episode we’ll discuss the link between emotional control and trust, when controlling emotions can feel inauthentic, and how to develop this as a skill.

Tune in for the full conversation or enjoy the moments below:

1:36 – Why controlling our emotions is an important skill

2:24 – Using ‘authenticity’ as an excuse

3:46 – The two sides of the discussion to consider

5:01 – The role of pattern recognition and why it matters

7:02 – What it actually means when people say “control your emotions”

8:00 – The two key functions of emotions

10:09 – How are your emotions affecting your goals?

12:28 – How being prepared can help

19:32 – Is there justification in calling ‘controlling our emotions’ inauthentic?

26:46 – Pushing down the emotion vs. resolving it

27:30 – The opportunity for leaders in this skill

28:48 – How you get good at controlling your emotions