Resilience Toolkit

How to Rewire Your Mind For Resilience & Decision Making Under Stress

How to be in Control, Calm and Unaffected by Stress at Work

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This 'Wired for Resilience' Course Will Help You:

Perform Under Pressure

When the going gets tough, be the one people turn to.

Bounce Back

Go from stressed to 'in the zone' no matter what life throws at you.

Control Emotions When it Matters

Keep your emotions in check, so they never get the best of you.


Break out of your stress slump so you can achieve more and be happy doing it.

Rewiring Your Brain Made Easy

Life is full of daily stress and challenges, and being highly resilient ensures you perform at your best everyday. The problem is, your brain's default settings can make life more stressful and harder to manage. Thankfully, your mind can adapt through intentional efforts.

This toolkit contains what you need to rewire your mind for unshakeable resilience. Move from stressed or overwhelmed to thinking clearly and performing at your best - even when juggling all of life's challenges.

Psychology & Neuroscience
Understand the science behind what our brain needs to be at its best and learn how to combat the unproductive default settings.

Online, Self-Paced Learning
Learn from our experts on any device, anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Step-by-Step Action Plans
Move beyond theory and receive 12 Powerful Strategies to successfully boost your resilience.

6 Module Video Course
Develop your skills and learn through a series of short videos, designed to quickly give you what you need to improve.

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Get Access for Only $47

Your Resilience Brain Trainers

Dr. Mike Larson, PhD
Dr. Mike (PhD - Psychology and Human Behaviour) has experience as an award-winning psychology lecturer, human behaviour researcher, and emotional intelligence specialist. Dr. Mike specialises in assisting executives, leaders and teams reach optimal performance and job satisfaction through improved resilience and emotional intelligence, high self-awareness, and successful stress management habits.

Amelia Strother
Amelia has spent the last 11 years of her career designing and delivering leadership courses all over the world. With experience training executives, Canadian Olympic coaches, and hundreds of leaders, Amelia specialises in translating leadership theory to actionable behaviours. Her expertise is in communication skills, effective influence, and aligning people's mindsets and behaviours with their desired outcomes.

Words From Those Who Took the Course
(And Loved It!)

Leah B. - Program Director
My job has been stressful for years. I never knew what to do about it but all 12 strategies have been so helpful. I don't dread Mondays anymore and have energy again at the end of my day! Thanks for being awesome!

Michael P. - Tech Leader

Managing my stress never felt so easy. It finally feels like my brain and I are on the same team. I wish I learned this 10 years ago.

Dylan R. - Senior Sales Associate

I'm in sales, and I know that when I'm stressed it directly impacts my commission. Seeing it happen is infuriating and adds to my stress. This course was exactly what I needed to get me back to a good place, and my numbers back on track. I highly recommend it!

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